Certified Arborist
Tree Care Specialist

ar·bor·ist (n):

A person trained in the art and science of tree care and typically cares for trees individually instead of the forest as a whole.

An ISA Certified Arborist has committed themselves to performing work at the highest possible standards set forth and to continuing their education by attending classes and seminars that focus on the progression of the industry and maintain the education of the arborist.

A wise man once said, “It’s not trees that need to be trimmed, but it’s the people who need to trim them.” This means that a tree left alone will likely care for itself, in the right conditions. Problems occur when trees and people interfere with each other. Trees in the urban landscape can be beautiful and yet very dangerous. A dead tree poses and obvious and immediate hazard but sometimes an even greater hazard can be hiding within seemingly healthy trees. Many trees have imperfections while others can be hiding dark secrets. Prior injuries can compromise an entire tree and when trees continue to grow over a structurally compromising injury, they can make for a very dangerous situation. No tree is ever “safe,” but proper care can ensure that it becomes less of a liability.

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