We Offer

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

We do all tree pruning without the use of tree spikes that can injure trees and transfer disease.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing provides supplemental support to branches and trees.


Get professional advice on your landscape and how to manage it!

Diagnosis and Treatment

Let a certified arborist identify pests, diseases, and other problematic symptoms and treat them accordingly.

Lightning Protection Systems

Install grounded LPS systems in high value trees that will absorb nearby lightning strikes, ground them and protect the tree.

Urban Timber Repurposing

Transform your tree removal into lumber or work of art by having it milled, dried, planed, sanded and finished into a table, bench or artistic piece.

Emergency Storm Response

In the event of a tree failure due to a storm, we will provide 24-hour storm response if necessary. Most tree failures can be tarped until morning but not all. Sometimes the removal needs to be immediate.

Services We Don’t Offer


Topping is NEVER a viable option. If it doesn’t kill the tree, it will mutilate it and make it unsafe for future years to come. Many homeowners feel that a tree is “too big,” and this makes it unsafe. Proper tree care will help to ensure tree safety however topping will almost definitely ensure that a tree will become a hazard. Trimming a tree is not “giving it a haircut.” Pruning should be considered finger or appendage removal and should be approached with surgical care.

Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing is not a recommended practice but to an extent it is sometimes necessary. It leaves the earth exposed and barren which will cause many issues such as erosion problems. We would much rather work with the builder to determine which trees would need to removed and which trees could stay (in tree protection zones) during the completion of the project. We also recommend setting rules in place that would fine contractors for infractions of the tree protection zones. Leveling an entire lot and removing all the trees is not a recommended environmental practice.